Economic Development

Economic growth to ensure a sustainable future for
all San Franciscans

Our economic development efforts aim to grow San Francisco’s economy by helping businesses locate and expand in the Bay Area. Through partnerships, policy initiatives, and recruitment, we seek to improve the quality of life for the nearly 900,000 people that call the City home.

Through our mission, we pave the way for businesses to succeed in one of the most dynamic, innovative, and technologically advanced cities in the world. This growth creates and retains jobs, grows incomes and the tax base, and supports programs that advance the health, education, and social justice initiatives that contribute to the well-being of all San Franciscans.

Key Sectors
Our resources include:
  • Research and data from high-level analysis and demographics to key industry reports
  • Real estate development including site planning, expansions, and occupancy rates
  • Access to incentives and resources on the city, county, state and federal levels
  • Navigating regulations and public policy issues

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Key Sectors

Follow top industry sectors that are central to San Francisco’s long-term growth strategy.

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Real Estate Development

Like the city itself, San Francisco’s real estate markets are bustling and thriving with economic activity. Learn more about Commercial and Residential Real Estate in San Francisco.

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Taxes & Incentives

The City and County of San Francisco, the State of California and the U.S. Federal Government provide a range of incentives to encourage new business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Transportation & Infrastructure

San Francisco, now a city of more than 850,000 residents, sits at the hub of extensive technological and physical infrastructures. The City is a leader in mass transit and green transportation initiatives and is served by an extensive network of seaports and rail,

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Key to San Francisco’s continuing success as a center for the new talent-based, innovation economy is the outstanding level of educational attainment among its workforce.

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City Resources

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) supports San Francisco’s ongoing economic vitality by strengthening its neighborhoods, businesses, commercial corridors and workforce.

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