UniteSF is a collaborative effort among San Francisco’s employers, the business community, and educators to prepare all youth with the skills needed to compete for and obtain living-wage jobs in the city.

Our goal is to reduce economic inequality in the region and increase the region’s supply of skilled and certified workers for high-demand jobs.

We are inviting all education institutions in the city to share data in a longitudinal data system so UniteSF can track where students end up. Using data science and predictive analytics, UniteSF can determine best practices for advancing student success and replicating those practices across the city.

We are creating a platform that will combine early childhood, K-12, post-secondary, and workforce outcomes data into a meaningful and accessible format. The platform will help city leaders make informed decisions on how to improve workforce competitiveness among historically vulnerable and disenfranchised populations.

UniteSF 2-Day Career Cohort 2023

Tell your story through your LinkedIn Profile to broaden your network and track your professional milestones.

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