Join our Entrepreneur Subscription Plan

The Entrepreneur Subscription Plan offers a simple and affordable membership option to grow your business through the SF Chamber's channels. Focused on small business, this plan offers resources that promote your brand, creating awareness and amplify your company's mission and products. View the benefits and requirements below to see if the Entrepreneur Subscription Plan is the right membership level for your business.

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Member Benefits

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  • Inclusion in the SF Chamber Website Directory
  • Post news on the SF Chamber's SF Business This Week e-Newsletter
  • SF Chamber logo provided for use on your website
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  • Access to SF Chamber events and programs (excludes committees or working groups)
  • Post Events on the SF Chamber's Community Calendar
  • Post your company's Exclusive Member Deals and access other company offers

Membership Due monthly or annually. Content subject to approval. Insurance and Subscription tier have qualifying parameters to be accepted Membership level rates are determined by benefits provided, value of company and company size.


  • Solo entrepreneurs to small business with less than 3 full time employees
  • Agrees to Privacy Policy, term of agreement and opts into SFCC Digital Communications and Marketing
  • Payment by Credit Card to be held on file
  • Agrees to auto renewal of monthly supscription
  • Provides all employees (up to 3) name, title, email, phone, and website
  • Agrees to a 5% escalator annually during the subscription month
  • 30-day cancellation notice provided by member in writing to Claudia Pouani

$75 / per month