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BuildSF is an initiative that convenes partners in the building, construction, and real estate industries to support economy-boosting projects in San Francisco. BuildSF identifies and rallies behind projects that grow the economy, improve the city’s sustainability, and deliver housing and transportation infrastructure that meets the needs of the growing region. BuildSF consists of monthly committee meetings and programming throughout the year.







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September 14th, 2022: City Hall Dome Tour

11:00 AM | 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place

Speakers: Rob Reiter, City Hall Building Manager

Join the Chamber of Commerce on a behind-the-scenes tour of San Francisco City Hall’s Dome – only available at the request of elected officials. Known as the People’s Palace, San Francisco City Hall is the seat of government for the City and County of San Francisco. Steel, granite, and four floors of white marble interiors make up San Francisco's symbol of resilience, built after the previous City Hall was destroyed in the Great Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906. Civic leaders were determined to demonstrate the city's rebirth in time for the start of the World's Fair of 1915. Designed by architect Arthur Brown, Jr. and begun in 1913, natives and the world were suitably awed by the gilt exterior detailing, the sweeping grand staircase, and the massive dome. At 307 feet in height, the dome is a full 42 feet taller than the dome of the nation's capital.

DISCLAIMER: There is no elevator to the top of the dome and this tour includes a large number of stairs.



August 10th, 2022: 100 Stockton Street
Presentation by: Morgan Stanley

Speakers: Josh Myerberg, Managing Director

The 100 Stockton Street project is a transformative repositioning of the former Macy's Men's Store, located steps from iconic Union Square in San Francisco. With eight rentable floors above grade seven stories tall, the existing building was originally designed for a single retail tenant in the early 1970s. With a Brutalist aesthetic and an aging facade, it lacked connectivity with the pedestrian-oriented neighborhood. The project strives to enhance the neighborhood's vitality and creates a new paradigm for modern building repositioning, through the introduction of a new mixed-use program for multi-tenant retail, workplace, and rooftop hospitality. Drawing from its historical context, the use of traditional proportions, rhythm, and materiality results in a timeless design that will become an icon for the city.


Josh Myerberg   



Speakers: Enrique Aguilar, Public Information Officer & Lulu Feliciano, Public Outreach & Engagement Manager

The Central Subway Project will improve public transportation in San Francisco by extending the Muni Metro T Third Line through SoMa, Union Square, and Chinatown. By providing a direct, rapid transit link between downtown and the existing T Third Line route on 3rd Street, the Central Subway will vastly improve transportation to and from some of the city's busiest, most densely populated areas. When the Central Subway opens in 2022, T Third Line trains will travel mostly underground from the 4th Street Caltrain Station to Chinatown, bypassing heavy traffic on congested 4th and Stockton streets. Four new stations were built along the 1.7-mile alignment.


Enrique Aguilar           Lulu Feliciano

June 8, 2022: Francisco Park

Speakers: Cahill Contractors, Casey Kasten, Sr. Project Manager

Cahill Contractors is on the project construction team, while 450 Architects, BFS Landscape Architects, and Sherwood Design Engineers are responsible for the designs. Construction of Francisco Park began in the summer of 2019! The rainwater catchment system has been installed, the convenience/maintenance building is complete, utilities and underground work are completed, retaining walls are in place, grading is finished, and ADA-accessible walkways and railings are installed. In the coming months, we will see the plantings continuing to grow! The park opened officially on April 27, 2022.


        Casey Kasten

May 11, 2022: Pier 70

Speakers: Brookfield Properties, Swathi Bonda, Sr. Director of Development & Tim Bacon, Sr. Director of Development

In partnership with the Port of San Francisco, Brookfield Properties is building a very San Francisco place. Pier 70 puts creativity at the center, is open and inviting to all, and which brings people closer to the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Pier 70 will establish a real estate and operational creative platform for innovation and cross-pollination across technology, arts, making, and design to create a best-in-class mixed-use district. Historic Building 12, the creative heart of Pier 70, will provide a unique retail/maker experience. Building 12 sets the tone for Pier 70's future vertical developments and serves as the primary amenity to attract anchor office users and drive office and residential absorption.



 Swathi Bonda                       Tim Bacon

April 13, 2022: Dogpatch Power Station

Speakers: Associate Capital, Enrique Landa, Partner & Tina Chang, Head of Vertical Development

For the first time in 150 years, Dogpatch is reconnecting to the Bay with a reenergized, urban waterfront development. One deeply infused with the neighborhood's boundary-pushing creativity and masterful craftsmanship. Emerging from Power Station's shores is a commercial opportunity built for the future needs of your workforce. New construction and rehabilitated buildings are brought to life with flexible spaces created for collaboration. And just outside, active, mixed-use energy and colorful Dogpatch character supports an inspiring workforce lifestyle.


  Enrique Landa           Tina Chang

March 9, 2022: SFO Courtyard Connector 3 Tour

Tour Host: HOK

The associate architect to HOK, MEI is providing architecture and design services on the Courtyard 3 Connector project. Located between Terminals 2 and 3, C3C will provide a secure airside connector between the gates at the two terminals. The programed space includes office space, tenant lease spaces, passenger amenities, and lounges as well as other Airport and tenant needs.