Partner Spotlight: Safesite

Safesite is a data driven safety management platform that leverages the latest mobile, IoT and wearable technologies to facilitate safety communication, improve compliance and reduce incident rates on construction worksites. Their mission is to make every worker a safety champion. Read more in our Partner Spotlight with CEO Peter Grant.

What was the motivation behind starting Safesite?
Twenty-five workers die and 13,000 are injured every week in construction, manufacturing and logistics. These events are completely preventable through the implementation of effective safety processes.

In 2014, the Safesite founders realized that there was a real opportunity to harness mobile technology to effectively implement and maintain a strong safety culture with the goal of keeping every worker safe from harm.

How has Safesite changed the way that construction sites operate today?
Supervisors no longer user antiquated and ineffective paper-based processes to manage safety. The Safesite mobile application effortlessly facilitates the creation, management and resolution of all safety tasks. Every stakeholder is aware of their responsibilities in real time, dramatically increasing compliance rates and decreasing exposure to risk.

For the first time ever, corporate safety leaders can see the safety performance of front line workers in real time across the globe. A process which used to take months is now done instantly, giving managers the ability to effectively react to safety trends and through the Safesite platform, initiate and communicate safety campaigns throughout the organization’s hierarchy to prioritize risk management and prevent safety accidents.

What are some unique features of Safesite?
Full safety process management in the field through the Safesite mobile app; customer safety reporting and communication through the Safesite desktop portal; integration with safety related IoT and Wearable devices; partnership-based contracts for white labeling and custom product development; and a database of over 3 million safety records which allows us to leverage machine learning to improve our ability to predict and prevent injuries.

How has being a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce helped Safesite?
As a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, we have been able to connect directly with business leaders and have a better understanding of their safety needs. We have also been able to connect with city infrastructure planners to get a better understanding of the safety pain points of developers and contractors.

What are some future initiatives or projects Safesite is working on?
Partnerships with insurance providers will help us better distribute and integrate the Safesite platform with maximum engagement and effectiveness. We are also looking to increase engagement in the Safesite platform through improved machine learning and artificial intelligence. But ultimately, our end goal is maximizing safety performance of customers and minimizing customer incident rate.