Partner Spotlight: Cengage

Cengage is the education and tech company built for learners. The company serves the higher education, K-12, professional, library and workforce training markets worldwide by creating learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. The company has 5,000 employees residing in nearly 40 countries. Read more in our Partner Spotlight with Jonathan Lau, Senior Vice President of Cengage. 

How has Cengage evolved since its inception?
Cengage has deep roots in providing educational experiences that inspire the power and joy of learning. In recent years, advancements in technology have allowed us to redesign how students interact with learning material. Throughout this transformation, we have kept a laser-sharp focus on the end-user, the student. Everything we do revolves around improving outcomes and increasing access through our personalized, affordable and flexible digital learning solutions. By investing significant time and resources into working with students to identify how they learn and what their needs are, we have developed products that are not just school-friendly but life-friendly.

How has Cengage changed the way that people learn today?
At Cengage, we are excited about the opportunity to fundamentally transform learning for the workforce of tomorrow. Companies across the country are struggling to find qualified employees. Through our digital solutions, we are helping people get whatever education they need for the job they want, whether it’s a high school diploma, a career credential, an industry recognized certification, or a degree from a community college or 4-year institution.

Cengage products are specifically designed to be customized and woven into the lives of all learners so that when the opportunity—or need—for learning arises, the right resources are waiting and ready to be seized. Mobile materials that can be accessed on-the-go and a variety of skill-building opportunities provide learning that can be experienced, and applied, in the real world. For example, our 3-D simulation tools allow students to apply practical knowledge to real-world scenarios in a safe, controlled environment. These hands-on skill building lessons are available across many in-demand industries such as HVAC, robotics and automotive.

How does Cengage look to continue to shape the education, professional, and library markets?
Cengage continues to be relentlessly focused on providing lifelong learners with meaningful digital solutions. The increasing pace of change in the job market has resulted in an increase in learning outside of traditional institutions and a pressing need for continuing education for the workforce to remain relevant.  At the same time, the type of learning needed has evolved be more personalized and flexible, while also delivering a return on investment. We are addressing these changes by continuing to expand the solutions we provide and the channels through which we provide them.

We further support the learner through continued education as they look to advance their careers through ed2go, which provides affordable online learning to adults. We can reach more learners through more partners. We work with thousands of institutions, workforce boards, non-profits like Goodwill and corporations to meet learners where they are. As a part of this, we provide meaningful real world interactivity so that the learner experiences the job and can hit the ground running with simulations, soft skills and student services.

What are some of the tools that Cengage offers for students, educators and others?
We are building new education environments that are designed to give learners the confidence they need to succeed. MindTap, our flagship digital solution, improves student engagement and learning outcomes at a more affordable price. The flexible learning experience gives students snackable chunks of learning that fit into their workflow – anytime, anywhere. Students who use MindTap for at least three hours per week are twice as likely to achieve a 90% average as students who use MindTap less than one hour per week.

Cengage’s Delmar Online Training Simulation program on residential construction codes, one of many learning tools Cengage provides

In addition, we provide institutional programs and services, continuing education courses, self-paced training and library services to deliver the right education experience for all learners.  We are then working on expanding access to our products beyond higher education institutions to K12, professional sales, and direct to consumer. Across the board, we work closely with government and industry associations to ensure we are providing the right skills to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

Other digital solutions from Cengage include Learning Objects, which offers fully customized online course programs and institutional learning platforms, as well as Gale, our library and research arm, and our English Language Teaching business which serves more than 100 countries globally.

Why was it important for Cengage to open an office hub in San Francisco?
Very simply, it is for talent. As a digital learning company that helps equip the workforce with the right skills, finding the talent with the skills we need is paramount.  San Francisco has the great confluence of technology, education, and transformation, which is why we are so excited about our office here.

Our San Francisco hub, with approximately 175 employees, embodies the company’s commitment to engagement and collaboration. Being part of this thriving innovation community has enabled us to carry out our vision of redefining the future of education in a truly meaningful way.