Partner Spotlight: Portola Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet is the nation’s largest extreme value grocery store with more than independently operated stores in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. The chain just opened its third location in San Francisco, independently owned and operated by Raymond Ng, a longtime resident of the Portola District.

Scenes from the Portola Grocery Outlet’s grand opening

How important is it to be involved in the Portola district as a local business?
As a local business, you should always be involved in the neighborhood and maintain good relations with the neighbors. The members of the community are our main customers/clients; therefore, having good relations with them is a must. Staying involved in the Portola district brings us closer together and helps the community grow as well.

What does Portola Grocery Outlet or other Grocery Outlets do to connect with their communities?
At Portola Grocery Outlet, we issue fliers, donate to local charities and ensure we greet our customers with a smile and make them feel welcome. We plan to hold occasional in-store events, such as giveaways. We also do our best to interact with our customers and help them find what they need and help them to the best of our ability.

What made the Portola District the ideal home for opening a Grocery Outlet?
The Portola District has been lacking a grocery store for a long time and as a local from the neighborhood, I can say for sure that we were in desperate need for one. Opening a Grocery Outlet here will benefit the members of the community because now they have a grocery store where they can buy fresh produce and other groceries in the area. We get the opportunity to serve our neighbors in a big way.

Why is it important for Portola Grocery Outlet to be a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce?
It’s important for us to be a part of San Francisco Chamber of Commerce because the Chamber of Commerce provides us with a support system and more networking opportunities. By working with the Chamber, we can open doors for each other and support each other along the way. We are able to work with other members of the Chamber of Commerce and develop relations with other local businesses.