Partner Spotlight: Keller Williams San Francisco

The San Francisco branch of Keller Williams launched in May of 2016 and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in the area, nearly doubling its number of producing agents over the last year. Their mission is to employ the highest quality real estate agents to provide clients with the best real estate experience while creating a work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and personal growth. Read more in this Partner Spotlight with Wendy Davis, Team Leader and CEO of Keller Williams San Francisco.

What makes Keller Williams San Francisco stand out in the Bay Area real estate industry?
We stand out in the Bay Area because we are not a traditional brokerage–we view our agents as individual business owners, and we help them think of themselves that way as well.

Where most brokerages treat their agents like employees at a job, we offer tools and resources to help our agents learn, grow, and differentiate themselves in this market. We don’t require anyone to strictly be a “Keller Williams Agent.” We offer our real estate agents the ability to create their own brands and build their own teams under our umbrella.

Keller Williams Realty International is also rated the number one training organization in the world, so our calendar is full of useful trainings and workshops for agents at all levels.

What are unique services that Keller Williams San Francisco offers to its agents?
We offer lots of unique services to our agents in the realm of coaching and training. We provide one-on-one coaching using the business model laid out in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller’s bestselling book.

We also offer the agents the opportunity to become investors, partners, coaches, and trainers. This is a very unique opportunity for anyone that wants more than a real estate business.

L-R: Valerie Salvetti, Dir of Luxury Leasing; Vache Darakdijan, Dir of Operations; Radha Tomassetti, Productivity Coach; Danielle Bloch, Agent Services Director; Rick Cunningham, Owner/Operating Principal; Wendy Davis, CEO & Team Leader; James Cullen, Residential Specialist, Level Up Group SF; Shannon Sullivan-Moore, Agents Services and Marketing Assistant; Jon Banasky, Marketing Director

Where else has Keller Williams Realty been expanding?
Nationally and globally, the company has expanded to about 139,000 associates in 795 offices. In the Bay Area, we have 3 locations in San Francisco, along with offices in Napa, Burlingame, Oakland, Half Moon Bay, San Carlos, and Los Gatos. Our office is part of the Northern California and Hawaii region, which is 23 offices.

What are some of the highlights of opening the California Street office?
We had an amazing time at the opening! Keller Williams agents from throughout the region came to support us and there was a great turnout from the San Francisco real estate community in general. We had sort of a glamourous, Hollywood red carpet theme, so it was a cool to pose for the cameras on the red carpet. We also had some great food, plus drinks were served up by a bartender in drag, who had to be about 6’7”, so that added a fun and very San Francisco element to the party.

Opening an office on California St puts us in front of a lot of foot traffic, so we love the visibility that our new location gives us. There happens to be several other real estate brokerages in the same neighborhood–being around all the other competition makes it a fun location too.

How does being a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce help businesses like Keller Williams San Francisco?
Being a member gives us opportunities to get to know, support, and give back to the San Francisco business community. We plan to get involved in community and charity events and potentially form partnerships with like-minded businesses, so we’re really excited to be a part of it.