Partner Spotlight: Collaboration Business Consulting

The mission of Collaboration Business Consulting is to inspire, educate and empower proactive leaders to achieve breakthrough performance. Their firm aids businesses in embedding scalable management and accountability structures while accelerating financial growth, with the average client reaching a 322% three-year growth in revenue. They create and execute customized strategies to boost profits and build a sustainable business, and construct management infrastructure and growth strategies to reach financial and sales goals. Read more in this Partner Spotlight with Michael Gunther, Founder & Senior Consultant.

What makes Collaboration different from other business consulting firms?
Collaboration Business Consulting is dedicated to helping its clients every step of the way. We will deliver a plan, work with the company as they implement it, then follow-up as needed to ensure the plan is in place and working properly. Our company is founded on a series of Core Values, which each of our consultants lives by.

As relationship-centered relentless learners, we believe in creating meaningful relationships and are driven to continually find new solutions and add value to ourselves, our company, and our communities. We value the freedom and encouragement to think creatively and share innovative ideas while being disciplined and accountable. We strategically align our actions to achieve measurable results, allowing us to be proactive and dedicated to reaching our goals and helping others reach theirs.

What are some of the diverse services that Collaboration offers?
Our two most popular packages for businesses at any stage in the Business Lifecycle are Discovery Consulting and Breakthrough Consulting. Discovery Consulting helps businesses identify voids in strategies and structures in four key business cornerstones, including Finance/Legal, Operations/Production, Sales/Marketing, Management/HR, and Leadership. Breakthrough Consulting provides direction to embed scalable management and accountability structures while accelerating financial growth.

For organizations with an identified issue, we offer Individual Consulting Services, which is a tailored business consulting and coaching opportunity that addresses specific areas of business development and management.

Why is San Francisco an ideal location for Collaboration to operate?
San Francisco is the breeding ground for start-ups and entrepreneurs, which is one business segment that we at Collaboration embrace. San Francisco is a business mecca that cultivates business growth, much in alignment with our philosophy at Collaboration.

Additionally, as a company led by a member of the LGBTQ community, we also seek to foster relationships with other LGBTQ-led businesses.

What are the biggest issues that your clients face in operating a business, and how do you help them overcome these issues?
Our clients are all aiming for one thing: breakthrough performance and sustainable, scalable growth. However, each organization we work with – from multi-million dollar companies, to start-ups, to non-profits – approaches their breakthrough performance in a unique way.

We begin by analyzing their systems, accountability practices, sales and business development strategies, management structures, and leadership to determine how a business can move to the next level of growth. We essentially become embedded in their company – and we recognize that sharing their innermost workings can be a scary thing for business owners.

However, we strive to become a trusted advisor for our clients so they become comfortable sharing their desires and failures with us. We’re all on the same page and our goal is to share our best practices to ensure the long-term stability of our clients’ businesses.