Partner Spotlight: Catholic Charities

Founded in 1907 and rooted in our faith traditions of charity and justice, Catholic Charities supports families, aging adults and adults with disabilities, and youth through social services and opportunities for healthy growth and development. Read more in our Partner Spotlight below.

What prompted you to start Catholic Charities in the Bay Area?
Catholic Charities started 110 years ago as a response to the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. This disaster devastated much of the city and left thousands homeless and hundreds of children abandoned. Today, Catholic Charities continues to serve the vulnerable and forgotten in our communities, living our belief that every person is worthy of dignity, compassion, and love.

What are some of the top achievements since founding Catholic Charities that you have accomplished?
Our achievement is the impact we make in the lives of the 35,000 people we serve each year. Because we are actively working in our community, we are able to adapt to meet the ever changing needs of the populations we serve. For example, Catholic Charities Peter Claver Community marked one of the earliest attempts by any organization to aggressively serve those sick and dying from HIV/AIDS and is still open today. We are also a leading provider of legal immigration assistance in San Francisco. Our Refugee & Immigrant Services program is needed now more than ever during this time of uncertainty and fear.

What programs and services does Catholic Charities offer?
Catholic Charities programs and services care for individuals and families in every stage of their life. From our early childhood development center on Treasure Island, to our senior center in the Oceanview/Merced/Ingleside area of San Francisco, to our homelessness prevention program working to keep families stably housed and in their homes, we are strengthening families and reducing poverty. At Catholic Charities, everyone is welcome. We serve every individual, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation.

How can businesses get involved with Catholic Charities?
By investing in the community and economic sustainability of vulnerable populations, businesses invest in their own economic growth and bottom line.  Organizations can adopt one of our programs as part of their corporate social responsibility through loaned executive programs, human capital and volunteers, development of technology, providing office space and more. They can also partner with Catholic Charities through grants or monetary investments aimed at direct service to vulnerable populations, including those who have been displaced as a result of increased cost of living caused by the growth of new wealth in various industries. The involvement of the business community is critical to sustainable economic growth as we work to ensure a diverse and inclusive society.

How has being a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce helped Catholic Charities?
As a renewed member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, we are excited to connect with companies and organizations who are passionate about our city and the people we serve. Together, we can make San Francisco a better place to live, learn, and grow.  We invite all our fellow Chamber members to come tour one of our programs or conference with our CEO on how business can strengthen our community through sustainable economic growth.