WELL is an intentional initiative confirming the SF Chamber’s commitment to representing all genders at all levels and across all industries. For all allies of gender equality and workplace inclusion. With a focus on empowerment, leadership, and education, WELL provides workplace resources, best practices, and a broad community of support for attendees to advance gender equality and workplace inclusion within their own organizations.

Join the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce for the WELL Conference on October 20, 2022. After two years of virtual programming, the WELL Conference will be back in person for 2022. This event will highlight a powerful fireside chat speaker and panel who will share their stories of what WELLness truly means. Learn more about our speakers HERE. The WELL Cohort program, sponsored by Accenture, will unveil their findings following their 6-month-long dedication to supporting a San Franciscan, women-owned, small business. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with an elite selection of the San Francisco business community and gain insights into how they can empower themselves and their colleagues to create a more equitable San Francisco.

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The WELL Cohort Program sponsored by Accenture

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Accenture to host a free cohort program to empower San Francisco women-owned small businesses. This opportunity is for mid-level managers (5 – 9 years of experience) to learn, lead, and interact with the San Francisco community in a purposeful way. Participants will team up to work with business owners, Accenture, and SF Chamber coaches to solve real-life business challenges. The final showcase will take place during the 2022 WELL Conference, scheduled in the Fall.

To learn more about the WELL Cohort Program sponsored by Accenture, contact dsong@sfchamber.com


Participants will work closely with the small business owner and team members on a regular basis (each team to decide). They will work as a team to map out action steps and create a timeline to help solve the assigned business issue(s). Each member contributes and enhances their leadership skills by taking ownership of various tasks.

Executive Coaches

Coaches are expert resources for the teams to provide guidance as needed throughout the program. A coach will act as a mentor, not only to the small business owner but to all other members of the team.

Business Owners

Are you looking for help with what it means to be digitally advanced? Do you want to improve your product or web design, acquire new customers, or adapt new technology for an improved online experience? Whatever business challenges you may have, this is a unique opportunity for you to collaborate with a team on a regular basis to develop actionable plans to achieve your goals.

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