CityBeat 2022 Press Release

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Releases Dignity Health Citybeat Poll Results


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Today, The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce released the results of the Dignity Health Citybeat poll. The poll showed that San Francisco voters are frustrated with the state of the city, especially when it comes to crime.

In this year’s poll, 55 percent said crime was a major issue up from 46 percent in 2021, and more than double the 26 percent in 2020. Overall, 83 percent of respondents told us they felt that crime has gotten worse over the last few years.

Recognizing that San Francisco has major challenges, San Franciscans are also supportive of a number of solutions – especially when it comes to public safety. Voters said that a number of suggested policies were high priorities for them:

    • 78 percent said that enforcing existing laws that prohibit open-air drug dealing, should be a priority.
    • 80 percent said that increasing the number of police officers in high-crime areas should be a priority, and 75 percent called for adding officers in busy areas. 77 percent said that expanding community-based police work in neighborhoods is a priority.
    • 80 percent prioritized expanding conservatorship and providing court-ordered treatment for those who are unable to care for themselves due to severe mental illness.
    • 81 percent said the same for putting more caseworkers on the streets to help people with behavioral health and substance abuse problems
    • 85 percent said that opening new mental and behavioral health centers for services for those dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues was a priority.

The Citybeat breakfast where the Dignity Health poll results were announced, was sponsored by United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Fifth Third Bank, Sutter Health, Wells Fargo, and Gensler.

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