Small Business Resiliency Project

The Small Business Resiliency Project (SBRP) is a program offering free coaching and guidance to small businesses as they navigate their next steps to survive and thrive in the current economic crisis. Experienced management consultants and business owners will volunteer their time with you, to listen, strategize, and develop ideas, offer feedback, and help identify business opportunities.



This is a no-cost program designed to meet current small business needs. It is a volunteer project, connecting skills-based volunteers to support small businesses. Now in the midst of unprecedented economic upheaval and challenges for small businesses, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Small Business Resiliency Project are bringing these services to you.


Our Clients:

Our clients are small businesses primarily in the SF Bay Area, often sole proprietorships or family-owned, who are looking for their next opportunities and ways to grow or pivot. If you are interested in finding out if this program is right for you, please contact us so we can help qualify your business.


What to Expect from the Program:

For the time being, this program is operating in a virtual format due to COVID-19. One or two volunteers will be matched to your business. They will then conduct an initial interview with you to better understand your circumstances and needs, and help guide a path forward. The volunteer(s) will work with you to define goals, strategies, and an action plan. Applying their business and project management expertise to your current situation and needs, they will work as a coach and business ally for you and your business. An estimated time commitment from the SBRP is about 2 hours per week and engagements can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months depending on your needs.