SF Chamber of Commerce Statement on Brisbane Baylands Development

Contact: Juliana Bunim, VP of Strategic Communications/San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

The Bay Area is in a regional housing crisis, and the City of Brisbane needs to do its part to address it. San Francisco and the Bay Area desperately need places for people to live, otherwise we cannot compete to hire workers, especially to fill entry level jobs. One of the great challenges of doing business in the Bay Area is recruiting a strong workforce, and a great barrier to entry is when employees have to commute long distances. The SF Chamber urges the Brisbane City Council to reconsider a mixed use development of the 684-acre Baylands site, which is already close to existing jobs and has great transportation access. This is an opportunity to find the most beneficial use for the land, and a mixed use development would generate economic benefits for the entire region, mitigating traffic congestion, creating jobs and building workforce housing. Every city and county in the Bay Area must consider development of housing as our principal need, and Brisbane must carry its weight.