Partner Spotlight: Shop LIT Live


Shop LIT Live is a social media-powered shopping platform elevating the digital shopping experience with innovative livestream features. Launched by Toby Zhang in 2020, Shop LIT Live incorporates live video content, two-way real-time communication, and the ability for users to purchase products directly through its platform. Each livestream is hosted by a curated group of creators and experts who provide authentic feedback on products from top emerging brands within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle spaces to offer a futuristic way for consumers to discover and shop.

What are some challenges you see facing your industry?

Livestream shopping combines the convenience of online shopping with the interpersonal connections of offline shopping – offering the best of both worlds. However, as it is a new way of selling and buying, we need to educate both brands and consumers on this exciting new channel. To this end, our team adopts a very hands-on approach to guide our brand partners to ensure their success on our platform.

What are some projects that your organization has been a part of here in San Francisco?

During the height of the pandemic, independent makers and local businesses were really suffering from the shutdown. We wanted to leverage our platform to support the SF community. Therefore, we partnered with Urban Air Market to host a virtual live shopping event over Thanksgiving in 2020. Urban Air Market is located in San Francisco and is the largest outdoor design festival in the country and an independent fashion marketplace.

Over 60 local brands participated in this event, across a variety of categories such as beauty, fashion, home goods, accessories.

How can your business help other businesses as well as people in their everyday lives?

Being live in front of the customer allows businesses to develop that personal relationship that goes deeper than a normal e-commerce website. With our platform’s livestream technology, brands and stores can now connect directly with customers outside their local neighborhoods or those who are not able to go in person to stores. For consumers, our platform enables them to shop from the comfort of their homes but still get the social engagement of shopping in person.

Why is it important to be located in San Francisco?

As the technology hub of the U.S., San Francisco has some of the best talent for building a successful tech business. In addition, the city has a great ecosystem of entrepreneurial spirit and vibrant small businesses, which is critical to our growth.