Partner Spotlight: Ma(i)sonry Winery

Ma(i)sonry Winery is a winery collective located in Yountville, in the Napa Valley region of California. What makes them different is not only their collection of over 20 individual wineries, but also their unique space, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and also functions as an art gallery.

Partner Spotlight template_large (3)What is your history in the San Francisco Bay Area?

We were founded by one of the vintners in 2008, and acquired the building in the National Registry of Historic Places. We opened 7 years ago, on October 1.

What is your space like?

Over time, we added on more vintners, all smaller producers. We operate as the face to the public and connect with clients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience with vintners that small.

Our space features an art and design gallery and has featured over 100 different artists. We also have a sculpture garden in the back where we host tastings and private parties.

How is your winery different?

Small wineries have a more challenging time getting wine in front of the public. We provide exposure to those who couldn’t get that kind of exposure on their own. And for the customer, it’s an opportunity to explore smaller wineries that might not otherwise have a tasting room. Through us they can explore the small production side of Napa Valley. We’re made up of 20 wineries, and we feature 80 kinds of wine. When customers come in, we start with a conversation. A wine consultant is then assigned to you, and you’re asked what you’re interested in, what you like, and we create a customized flight for every individual. It’s highly curated — no one tasting is the same.

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How does the business model work?

It’s a very vigorous and time consuming process for wineries to join. We’ve been approached by 100 wineries and so far we’ve only added one. We’re competitive; first and foremost, the quality has to be there. We think about how it is going to fit into our wine program in a way that makes it more dynamic and provides access that customers want.

What’s something most people don’t know about Ma(i)sonry?

We are now owned by Restoration Hardware. We were acquired by them in 2014. They’re extending their business beyond home furnishings into a lifestyle brand and including contemporary art and music in their business model.

How does Ma(i)sonry serve the San Francisco Bay Area?

Although we’re located in Yountville, we serve offsite locations for corporate events, networking events, road shows, and more. The Bay Area is an extension for our home; we like to bring Napa Valley to you!

Partner Spotlight template_large (1)How has being a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce helped your business?

We’re looking forward to connecting with more members, connecting Ma(i)sonry with the greater San Francisco business community. We’re already working with a lot of companies in the Bay Area for personal and private events.

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