Partner Spotlight: HireMojo

younger-headshotHireMojo is about the relentless pursuit of connecting the two people who matter the most, the hiring manager and the person who is the perfect fit for the job. Read our Partner Spotlight interview with CEO and Mojo Master John Younger, one of the panelists for biztechSF.

What makes HireMojo stand out from other hiring and recruiting software companies?
HireMojo is a purpose-built hiring platform that was made for non-recruiters. It wasn’t made to be a recruiting tool; it was made to actually fill jobs.
We believe it’s a social mission to get jobs filled, and in turn helping companies produce and succeed, promoting a much stronger economy. There are roughly 5 million jobs open in the United States, and 2.8 million of those have been open for three months or longer. That’s a huge social problem. Imagine having all 2.8 million people not only employed, but also in the job that’s actually right for them.
We want people to join us on our social mission, and we believe any company out there looking to fill jobs, whether you have a recruiter or not, should try HireMojo.

IMG_8969What is the biggest challenge facing a platform like HireMojo?
The sheer amount of noise in the space. With so many other companies from video interviewing companies to applicant tracking systems to social networks, they are part of the solution, but it’s difficult to use all of them in a highly automated way.

Why was it important to base HireMojo in San Francisco?
San Francisco is at the epicenter of the tech world and, frankly, at the epicenter of social evolution. And, on top of that, there are people here that are able to solve some of the biggest social issues using that technology. It’s rare that those three factors come together in one place.
Another reason is that in San Francisco, the unemployment is ridiculously low, but that doesn’t mean everybody is in the right job. When everyone is in the right job, everyone will thrive, and that’s especially true for San Francisco.
In addition, HireMojo is the first hiring management system (HMS) that does most of the work of finding the people you’re going to want to hire, vetting them, and getting them into your hands. We also allow the user to start the interview online from anywhere, communicating through our platform in a way where you get personal with these individuals. Then the platform technology does the rest. So with those factors, San Francisco was naturally the best place for HireMojo to start.

IMG_8974How has HireMojo been involved in the San Francisco community?
A lot of people struggling to find work in San Francisco are having other issues, around homelessness, childcare or special needs children. HireMojo goes out of its way to help some of these non-profits like the San Francisco Housing Authority and Oak Hill School, to alleviate some of those issues.

How has being a member of the SF Chamber helped HireMojo?
The Chamber is a phenomenal resource for any company in the city. I was blown away to see the number of activities happening and how many people were engaged with it.
The Chamber and its staff have also been great at opening doors and making connections. We have found a very vibrant community within the Chamber and its membership with companies that include the people who really make San Francisco work, who move things, make things happen, who care and are active.