Partner Spotlight: BKW Partners

BKW Partners (the agency formerly known as Rassak) has been based in San Francisco for a decade, working worldwide and across sectors. Addressing communications issues in smart, creative, proactive ways can often bring big, meaningful change to an organization. BKW loves to partner with leaders and help make this happen. Read more in our Partner Spotlight with co-founders Barak Kassar and Kristin Wiederholt.

What services does BKW Partners offer?
We offer an “all-of-the-above” suite of creative communications services. Because telling a story well—and ensuring the right people hear or see it—requires a range of interconnected services. Brand strategy. Distribution strategy. And, of course, execution. Social media content and community management, advertising planning and creative, web and app design, video. Even presentations. Whatever it takes to communicate. We do it. And we track results. And iterate based on constant learning. So we can do the very best for you.

How is BKW Partners different from other marketing communications services?
We’re led by a former venture-backed CEO and a former public radio journalist. So we get the perspective of company leaders. We get their timelines. We get their pressures. We get the need to have a proactive partner. And proactivity is a core value for the entire BKW team. And we get audiences—what makes people pay attention and care about a brand. We’re good at reading between the lines and helping to interpret the vision of company leaders in a way that will resonate with their audiences.

How does BKW Partners work with other local businesses and organizations?
We’re connectors. When we were starting out people helped us. One person said something that really resonated: “Don’t pay me back directly. It’s a round world. Help someone else out in the future.” We take that seriously. We do our best to connect people and businesses — whether clients or not — to help people grow and learn and connect themselves.

Why was it important to base BKW Partners in the San Francisco Bay Area?
The Bay Area is our home and community. We have clients all over the U.S. and travel globally for our work. The artistic, social, and entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area is key to who we are and how we conduct our business.

How has being a member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce helped BKW Partners?
The SF Chamber is a tremendous connecting platform. We’ve met fantastic people through the Chamber and look forward to continuing to do so. BKW is proud to be a member alongside the diverse and robust businesses and organizations of San Francisco.