Partner Spotlight: BB Events – Event Planning for Social Change in the SF Bay Area


BB Events is a purpose-driven events company, creating experiences built to spark meaningful connections and drive social change. At the head of it all is Becca Bloom – an event planner with over 10 years of experience in event planning and many of those years in the non-profit sector. From educational events to fundraising galas and everything in between, she’s worked with clients such as the International Rescue Committee, Playworks, Project Open Hand, the ACLU of Northern California, and us, here, at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. We sat down with Becca to learn how she combines show-stopping events with her strong values of inclusivity, sustainability, and impact.

What is the secret to your longevity?

I believe the secret to long-term success comes down to creating meaningful, lasting relationships built on trust. Though we’ve run lots of one-off events in the past, I love that we have clients who return to us each event season. When I first meet a new organization, I take time to get to know their story, what makes them unique and how we can share their purpose in the best possible way. I don’t want to just run an event, I want to bring their cause to life!

My background has helped to get me where I am today at BB Events. My Brazilian heritage, world travels, service experience in AmeriCorps, and event planning experience have built a passion for working with non-profit community organizations and socially conscious companies. In doing so, we’re able to authentically connect with the organizations that we work with and understand the audience they’re trying to engage with. 

Why was it important to be located in San Francisco? 

Without a doubt, for me, it’s the diverse, inspiring community that makes up the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m constantly in awe of the people I meet – both vendors and clients – and the stories they have to tell. We each bring something different to the table and there’s a sense of championing one another. A great example would be our food community. The cultural diversity in the area means we can offer a range of international options while supporting small, local businesses in the process. 

Another thing that drew me to San Francisco is the range of events that happen here all of the time. It’s a real hub for creative expression not only through content but also within the beautiful, unique event spaces across the City.

What are some projects that your organization has been a part of here in San Francisco?

It’s important for me to give back to a community like San Francisco that has given us so much. I enjoy volunteering my time with the SF-Marin Food Bank delivering groceries around the City. I’ve been doing it for a year now.

I’ve had the pleasure of producing San Francisco Small Business Week for many years now both in virtual and in-person formats. It’s been a wonderful experience celebrating, educating, and elevating small businesses across the Bay. 

What makes you different in terms of your culture, products, services, inception, etc.?

BB Events is all about inclusivity, sustainability, and diversity. We help to create events with purpose that bring people together and show the meaningful impact they can have in our communities. These pillars are fueled by my year serving in AmeriCorps and my career in the nonprofit sector. Giving back to the community is important to us.

I like to think of myself as a bit of an environmental warrior. I like to bring sustainability into every part of the event planning process. It might sound a bit cliché to say “we’re all in this together” but it’s true! Every decision we make can reduce our carbon footprint. While I’m no expert, I seek out resources and knowledge to help me better understand how to produce more eco-friendly events. The Society For Sustainable Events (SFSE) has been a great leader in this sector in the Bay Area.

None of this is possible without our extraordinary attention to detail. We’re able to incorporate these important practices into our work because we pay attention to every aspect of the planning process. We leave no stone unturned. We ask the questions that people don’t even know need to be asked which allows us to produce such seamless events. 

How can your business help other businesses as well as people in their everyday lives?

Our events are designed to create positive change whether that’s through storytelling, raising money, or educating people. We hope that our events spark something positive every time a guest walks into that space and takes their experience far beyond just that one-day event. 



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