Partner Spotlight: AppyHere

AppyHere is the platform that connects candidates and recruiters for the perfect match! Easy to use and inexpensive, AppyHere optimizes the sourcing process in real time using AI and geolocation.

What makes you different in terms of your culture, products, services, inception, etc.?

AppyHere is an application available on Google Play and in the Appstore that is revolutionizing the recruiting industry. It comes in two separate applications; one for candidates, and one for recruiters. It is the best, simplest, and most cost-efficient app on the market currently targeting the hourly workers industry. AppyHere’s main objective is to facilitate the transition of finding jobs by eliminating the need of applications and resumes. AppyHere’s algorithm is what truly separates it from competitors. It takes in the candidate’s interests, as well as their experience, to offer an easy and simple way to find jobs close to their vicinity. AppyHere does the work for the candidates, once they have selected their job interests and log in their experience, all they have to do is sit back and let the jobs come to them. Not only does AppyHere facilitates job searching for its candidates, it also improves recruiting for companies. When a business lists a job, they immediately gain access to a list of the best potential fitting candidates for their position in the area. Recruiters will be able to see their lists of candidates through an automated ranking system. AppyHere’s ability to rank candidates based on their behavior and experience makes it unique. Recruiters are then able to reach out to potential candidates that match the requirements of their job postings. Businesses can then contact the candidates they have selected to either set up calls, interviews, or answer any questions through a real-time text conversation right in the app. AppyHere stands out for its simplicity, cost efficiency, and its adaptation to modernize and simplify the hourly workers’ methods of employment.


How can your business help other businesses as well as people in their everyday lives?

AppyHere offers people in their everyday lives, a simple and free application that facilitates searching for jobs. The application allows any candidate at anytime, anywhere, to search and “like” jobs. It gives a chance for people, who have a very busy schedule, to find work in their vicinity. Not only is the application helping candidates, but it is helping recruiters enormously with its matchmaking algorithm. AppyHere’s patented algorithm automatically ranks candidates based on their level of expertise/experience, and their level of activity on the application. AppyHere allows employers to have access to interesting and interested candidates immediately after posting a job. The matchmaking algorithm isn’t the only advantage of using AppyHere. It is also very cost efficient. Recruiters and their businesses are able to save money by buying tokens to only unlock interested candidates’ profiles. To help recruiters and candidates, AppyHere automatically notifies candidates when a text message has been sent or an interview is coming up or a job has been liked. AppyHere can render the complicated process seamless.


What are some challenges you see facing your industry?

The recruiting industry has faced a long history of “no shows” to interviews. AppyHere allows real-time texting, inside the application, with the recruiter to maintain contact until the date of the interview. Before an interview or call can be arranged, interest from both the recruiter and the candidate has to be shown. The industry has also faced a lot of problems with candidates applying or sending in their resumes, and never responding back. AppyHere offers candidates the choice of “liking” up to 5 jobs. It is a way for users to show a huge amount of interest to the recruiters. It also ensures that the recruiters will see the candidates’ profiles, therefore giving the interested and qualified users a better chance to get an interview. Recruiters in the hourly workers industry have had to spend an excruciating amount of money on resources to hire employees as they come and go. AppyHere offers a solution with a simple and cost-efficient token. Companies are able to purchase the cheap tokens in bulk to use them to recruit and unlock a candidate’s profile at their needs.


Where do we see the future of the recruiting industry with AppyHere?

We believe AppyHere can drastically change how employers and employees search for employment, whether it is to hire or to work. We believe that we can improve the process on both sides with no down sides. AppyHere brings to the market for its users the best way to efficiently search for work at anytime, anywhere during the day because of its real-time mobile phone-oriented app. Its recruiting method would allow businesses to hire at any given time without spending an atrocious amount of money to display ads or advertise on job boards. We see the future of the hourly workers industry thriving using a simple and cost-efficient application available to all with smartphones. AppyHere also brings a modern design that is simple to use for foreign speaking candidates. It is a push into the future, but eliminating applications and resumes opens a new and broad spectrum to the hourly workers.


How did AppyHere Start?

AppyHere was founded in 2018, by a group of dynamic and talented entrepreneurs. Serge Massicotte, owner and founder, used to be General Manager at Taleo, a top talent management solution acquired by Oracle in 2012. He designed a tool that unites employers and candidates for high-turnover jobs. With the help of his associates, Serge pursued his fascination for the supply and demand chain where he realized that companies tried to hire hourly and blue-collar workers with white collar tools and processes. To fix this problem, he developed an automated algorithm capable of match making and re-grouping defined categories and criteria. He then created the application, AppyHere, to utilize his algorithm and help the flawed process. AppyHere is able to understand the users’ preferences as well as to rank them based on various characteristics. It started in Canada and is now becoming international with its expansion to the San Francisco Bay. Our goal here is to make a difference in Workforce Development in San Francisco!