Future-Ready Business: Leadership Imperatives to Reinvent & Outmaneuver Uncertainty (Part 2)

With no end to the global pandemic in sight and renewing uncertainty from changing economic and political landscape, Bay Area CEO’s and senior leaders are facing unprecedented challenges – not only to reopen safely but to build business resiliency for long-term growth.

To be truly future-ready, we must re-evaluate assumptions and all scenarios to course-correct continuously and strengthen their organizational capability to predict and respond accordingly.

Join the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Bay Area’s top business, civic, and innovation leaders for the second webinar of a two-part series that will empower you with the latest insights on business transformation and innovation through Cloud, how to maximize the value and ROI on Cloud technology, and more.

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Rodney Fong

Rodney Fong, President and CEO, SF Chamber of Commerce 



Alexis Hui

Alexis Hui, Head of Tech Strategy and Operations and Operations, Senior Director, Gap Inc.

Arwa Kaddoura, Vice President, Worldwide and Go-To Market, GreenLake Cloud Services, HP Enterprise

Matthew Rees, Managing Director, Intelligent Cloud and Infrastructure – U.S. West, Accenture

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