Chamber Webinar Series: Returning to Public Buildings amidst COVID-19

On August 6th, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s President & CEO Rodney Fong was joined by experts from HOK, San Francisco Public Works and the California Department of Motor Vehicles for a BuildSF Webinar on Returning to Public Buildings Amidst COVID-19 followed by Q&A.

Introduced by HOK’s architectural and design strategies principals, this panel is comprised of leaders within government agencies that provide services to the public – those in a position to effect policies and procedures that will enable people to feel more at ease when they return to visiting and working in government agencies by addressing issues of health, safety, wellbeing – and new ways of operating.

BuildSF consists of contractors, architects and developers convened by the Chamber to explore ways to streamline the building process to reduce project time and costs and ensure timely completion of new projects.

This event has passed.

Guest Speakers:
Jeff Goodale, Director of Justice/Architecture, HOK
Julia Cooper, Regional Leader Consulting, HOK
Charles Higueras, Director of Project Management, San Francisco Public Works
Kathleen Webb, Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Motor Vehicles
Rodney Fong, President and CEO, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce