A Message from SF Chamber Board Chair, Kathryn Cahill Thompson

Dear Chamber of Commerce Members,

New Years’ Greetings to all our Chamber members!  As we enter 2023, I am honored to be taking on the role of Board Chair.  I am taking the reins from Scott Dunlap, whose thoughtful leadership has led the Chamber back into the world of live events, face-to-face networking opportunities, and in-person idea sharing.  Thanks to Scott, Rodney, and the amazing Chamber staff and Board, the Chamber enters 2023 financially strong and poised for immediate impact.  

We all know that there are challenges ahead as we enter 2023.  San Francisco’s homelessness and street conditions continue to negatively impact businesses large and small, the quality of life for our residents and employees, and the experience of visitors to our beautiful city.  Our downtown is struggling with the slow return of workers and the changed nature of the office.  And the city budget is likely to be drastically impacted due to the confluence of these factors.  

In the face of these challenges, I am buoyed by an emerging undercurrent of energy that is rising within the city to collaborate toward solving these problems.  From the ballot box to the media, we have seen San Francisco citizens and businesses begin to find their voice and demand solutions and accountability.  This was evident at the Chamber Board’s November Planning Conference, where a stellar group of Board members gathered with energy, ideas, and a clear desire to lift up this city we all love.  With the continued support of you and our member community, I am confident that we will be able to uncover the beauty, vitality, financial strength, and innovative spirit that we know is at the heart of San Francisco.  


Kathryn Cahill Thompson

CEO, Cahill Contractors

Board Chair, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce