Three Questions for San Francisco Voters

If you live or work in San Francisco, you may be asking yourself whether or not your elected leaders are for paychecks or pink slips?, buses or benefits?, parks or pensions? These are the questions appearing on billboards, at bus shelters, in newspapers and other places around the city as part of a new advertising campaign launched by the Chamber on Monday.

The new campaign is the Chamber’s latest effort to help spotlight the performance of the Board of Supervisors when it comes to jobs, government efficiency and economic recovery. Each ad poses a different question and directs voters to a new website – – where they can view the Chamber’s Paychecks & Pink Slips Scorecard outlining the voting record of all 11 supervisors on key jobs and economic issues.

As San Franciscans, we spend a lot of time talking about headline-grabbing legislation – bans on tobacco, plastic bags, and toys with meals to name a recent few. But, when it comes to complex issues like charter reform, we are far more inclined to tune out and trust that our lawmakers are keeping our priorities in mind. The Chamber’s new ad campaign is intended to help change this dynamic by getting people talking – and thinking – about less attention-grabbing, but important, issues.

The campaign aims to spark these conversations across the city. Ads are now visible in transit shelters and news racks from the Sunset to the financial district, in print the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Business Times, and on-air on KOIT-FM, KBWF-FM and KDFC-FM. Created by the leading integrated marketing agency, Gumas, the ads will make over 800,000 impressions every day for the next three weeks.

Not surprisingly, the campaign is already sparking reaction. Chamber members are pleased to see our organization take a proactive role in voter education and go public with the Paychecks & Pink Slips Scorecard. Others say the Chamber is “carpet bombing” San Francisco with aggressive ads. As the San Francisco Chronicle’s Phil Matier told KCBS liking the campaign to a civics lesson, it’s unclear whether we will have “apples or chalk” thrown at us by the supervisors. Either way, people will be talking about the issues that matter.

From the Chamber’s point of view, we believe that voters care about jobs, the efficient operation of government and accelerating economic recovery in San Francisco. We believe they should know how these priorities are being addressed by our elected leaders. And we believe that our city Supervisors should be proud to see their voting record on a billboard. We encourage the business community – and all San Francisco voters – to learn more for yourself at