SF Forward



SF Forward is the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. SF Forward is the political voice for businesses and residents who support sound economic policy and an exceptional quality of life for all San Franciscans. The PAC is dedicated to insuring that political reforms strengthen the local economy, improve the business climate and streamline the operation of government.

SF Forward is actively working to advance issues that create a sound economy and vibrant city. Read our agenda.

Why Contribute

SF Forward is making a difference. Over the past several years the PAC has positively influenced dozens of measures ensuring a sound economic future and an unparalleled quality of life in our city.


SF Forward is comprised of local business owners and residents who support sound economic policy and exceptional quality of life in San Francisco. We need your support to ensure common sense policies supporting economic recovery are a top priority in San Francisco.


To Donate By Mail:

Please make checks payable to SF Forward and mail with the following information to:

SF Forward, 235 Montgomery St., Suite 760. San Francisco, CA 94104

This contribution is an:

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Company: ____________________________________________________________________________

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For more information about SF Forward, please contact Alexander Mitra, Manager, Public Policy, at 415.352.8808 or amitra@sfchamber.com.