San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Statement on Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is disappointed by the decision to locate the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in Chicago and hopes the museum board will reconsider Mayor Ed Lee’s proposal to house the institution at Seawall Lot 330 along the Embarcadero when it votes on the location tomorrow.

“We are extremely disappointed to receive this news,” said Chamber President & CEO Bob Linscheid. “San Francisco’s proposed iconic waterfront location is unparalleled and we still strongly believe the museum should be housed in this great city. George Lucas got his start in the Bay Area—his legacy was defined here—his museum belongs here. The Chamber continues to stand united in our commitment to make San Francisco the best possible home for the Lucas museum and we urge the institute’s board to continue its dialogue with the city.”

The Chamber, which represents 1,500 businesses and 200,000 employees from every industry, has been a vocal advocate in favor of housing the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in San Francisco and continues to support the development of cultural, educational and innovative institutions in the Bay Area.