San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Statement on Proposition B Lawsuit

The Chamber commends Attorney General Kamala Harris for bringing forward a lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco to stop the implementation of Proposition B, Voter Approval for Height Increases on Port Property, from last month’s ballot.

San Francisco, like many cities in the state, holds waterfront property in trust for the People of California. Whether it is the five cities in which the Port of San Diego sits or the Port of San Francisco whose lands fall within the City and County, land use decisions must be undertaken free of merely local considerations.

“The Chamber has been of the opinion from day one that local zoning cannot control ultimate land use decisions of the Port of San Francisco, State Lands Commission, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and other governmental bodies given jurisdiction over State Trust Lands,” said Chamber President & CEO Bob Linscheid. “In addition to stymieing affordable housing projects, halting preservation activities and costing thousands of jobs, the toll of this ballot measure will now also include wasting tax payer dollars as the city defends this ill-conceived proposition.”

The Chamber has long argued that Proposition B is unlawful on its face and usurps State Trust doctrine. The Attorney General recognizes that Proposition B would remove transparency in land use planning, replacing the interests of all Californians for the opinions of a handful of NIBMY activists and the Chamber salutes her decision to challenge the measure’s legality.