SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has released its 2014 mid-year scorecard, highlighting its efforts to advocate for and shape legislation that supports economic development and jobs.  

This scorecard reveals the Chamber’s efforts in the seven identified areas of its advocacy agenda including – affordability, economic sustainability, enhanced mobility, building the 21st century workforce, spurring economic growth, improving the safety and civility of our streets and ensuring good government. Since January of this year, the Chamber’s scorecard demonstrates a high level of success in all areas, and the effectiveness of engaging and working with the Board of Supervisors.
“The Chamber is proud of our success supporting the economy, and ensuring the needs of employers are at the forefront of our efforts always,” said Bob Linscheid, President and CEO, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. “Through the leadership of Mayor Ed Lee, and the relationships developed with the Board of Supervisors, we are confident we can continue the good work started before the summer recess.”
This Scorecard also signals a departure from the traditional “Paychecks and Pinkslips” from past years, tracking lawmakers’ votes on key items of legislation from the year. “Over the last few years it has become clear that issues are more important than personalities at City Hall,” said Jim Lazarus, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. “Most supervisors remain committed to job growth as San Francisco leads the state out of the Great Recession.”