Public Policy Forum 6.9.15

PPF 6.9.15

Today’s Public Policy Form featured Ed Sweeney, the Deputy Director of Permit Services and Mike Mitchell, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator from the Department of Building Inspection. They covered two important topics: the permitting process, and how to prepare your business for an earthquake.

Obtaining permits:

  • Three types of permits: Building, Electrical, and Plumbing.
  • Permits without plans are usually processed on the same day at 1660 Mission Street.
  • Permits with plans take longer and require a plan check as well as approval.

Among the most important take-aways on how to prepare your building for an earthquake:

  • Know company capabilities and emergency response resources.
  • Consider a post-disaster building re-occupancy plan.
  • Plan for emergency assistance and support to employees.
  • Establish an emergency training plan.
  • Protect important business data and records.
  • Develop an emergency communications plan.
  • Assemble and maintain emergency supplies.
  • Engage employees in emergency exercises.

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