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Opportunity for Pension Reform

February 4, 2011
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San Francisco’s public pension system is in dire need of reform, according to both city insiders and economic observers. The ongoing recession has caused the city’s once robust pension plan to become seriously underfunded. San Francisco simply cannot afford to ignore the pension crisis any longer.

Wrong Measure at the Wrong Time

January 21, 2011
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San Francisco is poised to pass yet another “first in the nation” – and potentially illegal – mandate that may threaten the city’s access to medical treatment.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors will take a final vote on the “San Francisco Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance.”  While we can all agree that keeping drugs out of the nation’s waste stream,

New Year. New Opportunity.

January 6, 2011
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The New Year brings new opportunity for San Francisco. Opportunity to create jobs, grow the economy and accelerate economic resurgence. Only seven days into 2011, our city is off to a good start. But if we are to achieve sustained economic recovery,

2010 Paycheck Makers and Pink Slip Creators

December 20, 2010
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If there was a theme in 2010, it was jobs, jobs, jobs! Early in the year, voters ranked jobs and the economy as the city’s top issue in the Chamber’s annual CityBeat poll. Jobs and the economy continued to poll well during the year’s Congressional and Gubernatorial races.

The America’s Cup is a Worthwhile Investment

December 3, 2010
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San Francisco has an unprecedented opportunity in hosting the 34th America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup is the third largest sporting competition in the world – behind only the Olympics and the World Cup. In total, the series of sailing races is expected to generate $1.4 billion in economic activity – three times the estimated impact of the Super Bowl.

Take the Politics out of Appointing the Next Mayor

November 19, 2010
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Mayor Newsom won’t be sworn in as Lieutenant Governor until January 3, but politics surrounding the process for appointing the city’s next mayor are already well underway. Speculation about possible candidates interested in the city’s highest post has been raging for weeks,

Taking Pause to Honor Business Success

November 5, 2010
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Tuesday’s election should be a wake up call when it comes to the economy and government. Still feeling the squeeze of the economic recession, voters rejected measures that would have hurt job growth with the defeat of Propositions J, the local hotel tax increase;

Reclaim our Sidewalks – Vote Yes on L and No on M

October 22, 2010
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In just over a week, San Franciscans will head to the polls to vote on 15 local ballot measures targeting everything from our economy, to public transit, to city elections. While all the measures on the local ballot are important to the city’s future,

November Initiatives Carry Big Impact

October 8, 2010
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The November 2 General Election is now underway. City Hall opened for early voting on Monday and permanent absentee voters are starting to receive ballots in the mail this week. While some residents are busy casting their votes, others are just starting to examine the more than 25 state and local ballot measures they will face on voting day.

Stop the Illegal Alcohol Tax

September 17, 2010
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San Francisco businesses and residents were dealt another blow this week when the Board of Supervisors voted to impose a new fee on every ounce of beer, wine and spirit sold in San Francisco. As businesses continue to struggle during the down economy,