New Graffiti Policy Helps Businesses

The Board of Supervisors passed on the first reading Chamber-supported legislation Tuesday shifting the city’s graffiti policies to penalize vandals, rather than victims. Crafted by Supervisor London Breed, the new legislation empowers city workers and residents to report graffiti and help populate a database of evidence that can be used by the City Attorney to pursue vandals in civil proceedings, thus forcing them – not their victims – to pay for damage caused. The legislation also bans the possession of spray paint and other graffiti tools in parks and on Muni, and provides additional resources for crime analysis and police support. “These sensible actions will go a long way in preventing graffiti and holding vandals accountable,” said Chamber President & CEO Bob Linscheid. “The Chamber applauds Supervisor Breed for helping to shift the onus of graffiti vandalism away from businesses, city agencies and taxpayers and on to the vandals where it belongs.” Read more.