Building Consensus on Minimum Wage

Affordability continues to be a top issue facing San Francisco businesses and residents and the Chamber will participate in the consensus-building process that kicks-off today under the leadership of Mayor Ed Lee to explore a November ballot measure to increase the minimum wage. “San Francisco has long led the way on Minimum Wage and business has been an active partner in helping to boost wages in our city,” said Chamber President & CEO Bob Linscheid. “The business community will consider another increase; however, concerns related to the implementation timeframe and total compensation costs must be addressed to ensure that any new wage increase achieves the intended goal of making the city more affordable and does not have negative, unintended, consequences on job creators and the economy.” Unfortunately, a group of labor activists filed its own minimum wage ballot measure earlier this week, refusing to dialogue with the business community and acting outside of the Mayor’s collaborative process. The Chamber has expressed outrage over these preemptive actions and pledged to continue to work with Mayor Lee and others in a productive process to develop a consensus measure that can be endorsed by all stakeholders. Read the Chamber’s Statement. Click here to engage with the Chamber on this issue. Read more.