Partner Spotlight: Turner & Townsend Trestle

Turner & Townsend is a construction and project management consultancy and established the San Francisco office in 2006. In 2016, Turner & Townsend acquired Trestle Construction Management – a Bay Area company with extensive local expertise in construction project delivery. Turner & Townsend Trestle has offices in San Francisco and Mountain View providing construction and project management, cost management and project controls, workplace strategy and asset optimization advice. Read more in this Partner Spotlight with Turner & Townsend Trestle’s Vice President Dave Bell.

Turner & Townsend Trestle Vice President Dave Bell

How does Turner & Townsend Trestle give back to the San Francisco Bay Area community?
Turner & Townsend Trestle is committed to adding value to our local community. Whether we are involved through volunteering, building long-term community partnerships, making vital projects a reality with our pro bono services or boosting economies through our work for clients, we add value every day, in the Bay Area and all around the world.

We encourage all our staff to support local charity events and provide them one paid volunteering day a year. Locally, our Turner & Townsend Trestle staff supports such worthwhile causes like Habitat for Humanity, the Napa Valley Tour de Cure, the San Francisco Food Bank, and through our association with the British American Business Council, San Francisco’s own Raphael House.

What is the story behind starting Turner & Townsend Trestle?
Turner & Townsend is a construction and project management consultancy headquartered in Leeds, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1946 as Turner & Ing, a quantity surveying partnership (construction cost management). In 1956 the company became Turner & Townsend and opened several additional offices in the UK. In 1982 the first international office was opened in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company now has 97 offices in 41 countries, 4,500 employees, and serves clients across the property/real estate, infrastructure and natural resource sectors.

Turner & Townsend Trestle employees volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Turner & Townsend established the San Francisco office in 2006, assisting a global client in the financial services sector with relocation of their global HQ. As our client base throughout the Bay Area has grown, we’ve augmented our team with experienced project and cost managers to better deliver successful real estate projects and programs. In 2016 Turner & Townsend acquired Trestle Construction Management – a Bay Area company with extensive local expertise in construction project delivery.

What are some of the successes that Turner & Townsend Trestle has had in the San Francisco Bay Area?
Since acquiring Trestle Construction Management last year, we have experienced a significant growth and success rate supporting new and existing clients in tech, finance, data center, hospitality, and retail tenant improvement and interior fit-out projects. Over the past year, the company has grown from 25 employees to almost 50.

A notable win for the company was the recent appointment to provide commercial management on Google’s $1B Charleston East campus project. This will be Google’s first ground-up construction building, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

Over the past 12 months Turner & Townsend Trestle has diversified into a number of new sectors, including automotive. We are currently engaged by various dealerships providing services to build new and enhance existing sales and service centers.

What are some the challenges that Turner & Townsend Trestle faces operating in San Francisco and how do you overcome those challenges?
The Bay Area construction market is still very strong, which means that we face no shortage of competitors with solid resources and experience.  Turner & Townsend was founded in the UK in the 1940’s, and although we have had a presence in San Francisco for 11 years, we still face an uphill battle with brand recognition.  This is not the case in many other parts of the world where Turner & Townsend is a household name with almost 100 global offices.  We in the San Francisco office have all become quite adept at explaining that no, we are not a well-known construction general contractor, nor are we General Contractors at all!  Fortunately, we are growing rapidly and work for some of the best clients in the world, so we expect our local brand recognition to increase.

We have a diverse service offering, which we think of as one of our primary strengths.  We do find ourselves pigeonholed as a Consulting firm that “only” provides Cost Management / Quantity Surveying services, when in fact we are equally busy providing Project Management, Program Management, Procurement, and Project Controls services across the property, infrastructure and natural resource sectors.