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1/4: Support Lease Extension for San Francisco Bay Railroad
1/12: Support UCSF Research Building at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
2/17: Support SFMTA Commuter Shuttle Program
3/10: Support Affordable Housing Bonus Programs
3/13: Delay Action on File Regarding Local Personal and Corporate Income Taxes
4/19: Support Equal Pay and Pay Equity Ordinance
5/4: Support F-Line Extension Grant
5/9: Support HOME-SF
6/13: Delay Action on Banning Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products
6/14: Support Budget Allocations for Homeless Services and Housing
6/26: Oppose Ordinance Prohibiting Autonomous Delivery Vehicles
• 7/7: Support Prohibition of Bicycle Chop Shops
7/17: Support Establishing an Office of Cannabis and Extending the Term of the Cannabis State Legalization Task Force
7/26: Support Central SOMA Plan
8/2: Bike Share and Bike Rental Operational Conflicts
8/24: Flame Retardant Chemicals in Upholstered Furniture and Juvenile Products
8/31: Oppose Interim Moratorium on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
9/15: Oppose File #170419 (Planning Code regarding North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Broadway, and Chinatown Area Controls) UNLESS Amended
9/27: Support Amending Antibiotic Use in Food Ordinance
10/3: Support Certification of Final Environmental Impact Report for Mission Rock Project
10/6: Oppose Ordinance Prohibiting Autonomous Delivery Devices
10/10: Support Expansion of SFMTA Demand-Responsive Parking Program
10/18: Cannabis Regulation: Recommended Changes to Draft Legislation (sent to San Francisco Planning Commission, SF Small Business Commission, & Board of Supervisors)
11/6: Updated Cannabis Regulation Recommended Changes to Draft Legislation (signed jointly by the Chamber, SF Travel, GGRA and SF Council of District Merchants Associations and the California Music and Culture Association)


• 1/4: Support Tideline Marine Group Application to CPUC for a Vessel Common Carrier Certificate
• 1/13: Support File 160014, Thea Selby for Cannabis State Legalization Task Force Business Seat
• 1/19: File 150731 – Updated Formula Retail Subsidiary Letter to Planning Commission
• 1/25: Super Bowl 50 Letter to SBC
• 1/28: AHBP Letter to Planning Commission
• 2/18: OPPOSE File 150464 Health Code Amendment; Service Station Bathrooms
• 2/19: OPPOSE File 151257, Increasing Transportation Sustainability Fee for Nonresidential Projects
• 3/22: File No. 160065 Paid Parental Leave Letter to Budget Committee
• 3/29: File No. 160065 Paid Parental Leave Letter to Board of Supervisors
5/31: Letter in Support of Lucas Cultural Arts Museum
6/6: Letter Opposing File No. 160660 to By-Right Housing Approvals
6/13: Letter Supporting File No. 160383: Ban on Certain Polystyrene Packaging
7/15: Oppose SFPD 2016 Budget Hold Proposal (Avalos)
8/2: Letter Recommending Changes to Future Tax Measure Proposals re: Tech Tax
8/23: Downtown Traffic Plan
8/29: Request To Put On Hold: Traffic Lane Changes on Ellis/Eddy/Mason Streets
9/9: Academy of Art Planning Commission
9/29: Traffic Planning for the C3 Commercial District
11/9: Oppose Fiscal Determination for Major Events Legislation
11/14: Support Mixed-Use Development at 950-974 Market Street
11/30: Support Treasure Island Resolutions
12/7: Resolution Regarding Wells Fargo
12/13: Geary Bus Rapid Transit Environmental Impact Report



2/13: Support Building Homes and Jobs Act (SB 2)
2/22: Support SB 35: Housing Accountability and Affordability Act
3/13: Support Reform of Fishing License Program
3/17: Support Local Control of Alcoholic Beverage Service Hours
3/21: Support Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan
4/5: Support Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017
5/31: Support Developing Neighborhood Restaurants
• 6/16: Support Transit Oriented Development for BART
• 6/19: Support Permitting of Small Cell Facilities
7/5: Oppose Chronic Dialysis Clinics
7/12: Support AB 398: Extension of Cap-and-Trade Program
7/26: Support Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018
8/25: Oppose AB 375: Broadband Internet Privacy Act
9/12: Oppose AB 1701 UNLESS AMENDED: Labor Related Liabilities
9/18: Request for Veto SB 574 (UC Service Contracting)
9/26: Request for Signature Authorizing Three-County Action for Caltrain Sales Tax Ballot Measure


• 1/12: Support – SB 368, California Workplace Flexibility Act of 2016 (Berryhill)
• 3/3: Support – AB 1755 (Dodd) The Open and Transparent Water Data Act
• 3/3: Support SB 1128 (Glazer), Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program
• 3/4: Support AB 1944 (Jones), Olympic Medal Tax Exemption
• 3/30: Support TIRCP Application to Fund the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project
• 3/30: Support TIRCP Application to Fund the SFMTA’s Light Rail Modernization and Expansion Program
• 4/4: Support AB 2664 to Assemblymember Garcia
• 4/4: Support AB 2664 to Assemblymember Medina
5/6: Support Assembly Bill 2664 for UC Innovation and Entrepreneurship
5/16: Support Updating State Communications Network
6/16: Support Computer Science for All
6/20: Support Investment in Neighborhood-Serving Commercial Corridors with New Liquor Licenses Tied to Census Tracts
8/16: Mandated Fingerprinting for Transportation Network Company Drivers
9/1: Support Computer Science for All (AB 2329)
9/6: Request to Veto SB 959
10/27: Legal Representation & Joint Representation Agreement in Supreme Court Case Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd., et all. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, et al.