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1/7: Request to Table: Formula Retail Controls
1/16: Continue SFMTA Jurisdiction Over Parking and Traffic Regulations to Future Ballot
2/27: Amendments to the Fair Chance Ordinance
3/2: Support SF Planning Department Application for Transit Corridors Study Grant
3/7: Oppose Appropriation of General Fund Balance to Public Works Street and Sidewalk Cleaning Pilot Enhancement Project
3/12: Amendments to Police Code Fair Hire Ordinance


1/4: Support Lease Extension for San Francisco Bay Railroad
1/12: Support UCSF Research Building at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
2/17: Support SFMTA Commuter Shuttle Program
3/10: Support Affordable Housing Bonus Programs
3/13: Delay Action on File Regarding Local Personal and Corporate Income Taxes
4/19: Support Equal Pay and Pay Equity Ordinance
5/4: Support F-Line Extension Grant
5/9: Support HOME-SF
6/13: Delay Action on Banning Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products
6/14: Support Budget Allocations for Homeless Services and Housing
6/26: Oppose Ordinance Prohibiting Autonomous Delivery Vehicles
• 7/7: Support Prohibition of Bicycle Chop Shops
7/17: Support Establishing an Office of Cannabis and Extending the Term of the Cannabis State Legalization Task Force
7/26: Support Central SOMA Plan
8/2: Bike Share and Bike Rental Operational Conflicts
8/24: Flame Retardant Chemicals in Upholstered Furniture and Juvenile Products
8/31: Oppose Interim Moratorium on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
9/15: Oppose File #170419 (Planning Code regarding North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Broadway, and Chinatown Area Controls) UNLESS Amended
9/27: Support Amending Antibiotic Use in Food Ordinance
10/3: Support Certification of Final Environmental Impact Report for Mission Rock Project
10/6: Oppose Ordinance Prohibiting Autonomous Delivery Devices
10/10: Support Expansion of SFMTA Demand-Responsive Parking Program
10/18: Cannabis Regulation: Recommended Changes to Draft Legislation (sent to San Francisco Planning Commission, SF Small Business Commission, & Board of Supervisors)
11/6: Updated Cannabis Regulation Recommended Changes to Draft Legislation (signed jointly by the Chamber, SF Travel, GGRA and SF Council of District Merchants Associations and the California Music and Culture Association)
12/20: Support SFMTA Application for Transit and Intercity Capital Program Funds
12/20: Letter Regarding 2018 Tax Measures


• 1/4: Support Tideline Marine Group Application to CPUC for a Vessel Common Carrier Certificate
• 1/13: Support File 160014, Thea Selby for Cannabis State Legalization Task Force Business Seat
• 1/19: File 150731 – Updated Formula Retail Subsidiary Letter to Planning Commission
• 1/25: Super Bowl 50 Letter to SBC
• 1/28: AHBP Letter to Planning Commission
• 2/18: OPPOSE File 150464 Health Code Amendment; Service Station Bathrooms
• 2/19: OPPOSE File 151257, Increasing Transportation Sustainability Fee for Nonresidential Projects
• 3/22: File No. 160065 Paid Parental Leave Letter to Budget Committee
• 3/29: File No. 160065 Paid Parental Leave Letter to Board of Supervisors
5/31: Letter in Support of Lucas Cultural Arts Museum
6/6: Letter Opposing File No. 160660 to By-Right Housing Approvals
6/13: Letter Supporting File No. 160383: Ban on Certain Polystyrene Packaging
7/15: Oppose SFPD 2016 Budget Hold Proposal (Avalos)
8/2: Letter Recommending Changes to Future Tax Measure Proposals re: Tech Tax
8/23: Downtown Traffic Plan
8/29: Request To Put On Hold: Traffic Lane Changes on Ellis/Eddy/Mason Streets
9/9: Academy of Art Planning Commission
9/29: Traffic Planning for the C3 Commercial District
11/9: Oppose Fiscal Determination for Major Events Legislation
11/14: Support Mixed-Use Development at 950-974 Market Street
11/30: Support Treasure Island Resolutions
12/7: Resolution Regarding Wells Fargo
12/13: Geary Bus Rapid Transit Environmental Impact Report



2/13: Support Building Homes and Jobs Act (SB 2)
2/22: Support SB 35: Housing Accountability and Affordability Act
3/13: Support Reform of Fishing License Program
3/17: Support Local Control of Alcoholic Beverage Service Hours
3/21: Support Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan
4/5: Support Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017
5/31: Support Developing Neighborhood Restaurants
• 6/16: Support Transit Oriented Development for BART
• 6/19: Support Permitting of Small Cell Facilities
7/5: Oppose Chronic Dialysis Clinics
7/12: Support AB 398: Extension of Cap-and-Trade Program
7/26: Support Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018
8/25: Oppose AB 375: Broadband Internet Privacy Act
9/12: Oppose AB 1701 UNLESS AMENDED: Labor Related Liabilities
9/18: Request for Veto SB 574 (UC Service Contracting)
9/26: Request for Signature Authorizing Three-County Action for Caltrain Sales Tax Ballot Measure


• 1/12: Support – SB 368, California Workplace Flexibility Act of 2016 (Berryhill)
• 3/3: Support – AB 1755 (Dodd) The Open and Transparent Water Data Act
• 3/3: Support SB 1128 (Glazer), Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program
• 3/4: Support AB 1944 (Jones), Olympic Medal Tax Exemption
• 3/30: Support TIRCP Application to Fund the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project
• 3/30: Support TIRCP Application to Fund the SFMTA’s Light Rail Modernization and Expansion Program
• 4/4: Support AB 2664 to Assemblymember Garcia
• 4/4: Support AB 2664 to Assemblymember Medina
5/6: Support Assembly Bill 2664 for UC Innovation and Entrepreneurship
5/16: Support Updating State Communications Network
6/16: Support Computer Science for All
6/20: Support Investment in Neighborhood-Serving Commercial Corridors with New Liquor Licenses Tied to Census Tracts
8/16: Mandated Fingerprinting for Transportation Network Company Drivers
9/1: Support Computer Science for All (AB 2329)
9/6: Request to Veto SB 959
10/27: Legal Representation & Joint Representation Agreement in Supreme Court Case Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd., et all. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, et al.