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The Job Forum is the premier free job search and career coaching service for professionals seeking employment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, the Job Forum is a volunteer-run community service offering customized brainstorming and problem solving that has helped thousands of job seekers become more confident and successful in their hunt for the next great job. The Job Forum is free and open to everyone.

How It Works

The Job Forum provides advice, resources and encouragement at group forums held every Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. The Job Forum connects job seekers with leading career experts who provide information on how to land a job in today’s market and answer individual questions. Each forum covers the following topics:

  • Goal Setting: A job search is more successful when there is a clear job objective that is consistent with the individual’s experience, background, job market, and aspirations. The Job Forum helps job seekers establish a specific and realistic job objective to guide their job search.
  • Research: Every successful job search requires research. The Job Forum provides information on how to research vertical or industry markets of interest. We also help job seekers identify personal preferences and other factors that will lead to happy and successful employment.
  • The Job Market: Is the job you are looking for unique to one industry, or does it cross industry lines? Can it be found in the private or public sector, or both? The Jobs Forum helps job seekers assess the job market and the best job search campaign to match.
  • Planning: Planning pays dividends. The Jobs Forum coaches job seekers on how to plan and conduct an integrated job search campaign that can yield results.
  • Tools for Success: The Job Forum provides job seekers with tools and a process for conducting the job-finding campaign. From preparing a resume, to building your network, to working with recruiters, interviewing for a job and much more, The Job Forum offers useful advice for every stage of the job search process.


The Job Forum aims to help individuals help themselves in their job search. Our approach provides job seekers with the tools and information they need to articulate their career goals and execute a focused, targeted and strategic job search and maximize opportunities to find the “right job” for them. Read more.


A dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer panel of 40 leading career experts from across the Bay Area delivers The Job Forum. Our panelists work in pairs to host The Job Forum each Wednesday evening and counsel job seekers on how to be more successful in their job search. Meet our Panel.


The Job Forum began in September 1952. This community service has continued uninterrupted every Wednesday evening (except holidays) since then. Read more.


For more than 60 years, the Job Forum has helped thousands of job seekers become more confident and successful in their hunt for the next great job. Our success would not be possible without the dedicated support of our volunteer panelists. We invite you to learn more about our panel and how the Job Forum can help YOU find the next great job.